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Fun in the Sun!

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This week in Bridgegate, all of the children have successfully, independently written a letter to their favourite performer in the circus.

 It was fantastic to see Bridgegate use a range of superb adjectives, alliteration, the use of lists and impressive punctuation, in order to compose well written and wonderfully thought out letters, well done Bridgegate! As a treat for the children’s efforts, Bridgegate spent the day celebrating at Llangollen’s Music and Arts festival, Eistedddfod. Once they had arrived, the children enjoyed exploring the unique crafts tent and the famous, ‘Big Top’, which allowed each child to practice their acquired circus skills, using a range of exciting circus equipment! Once the children had their faces painted by the performers, they were ready for the International Eisteddfod Music and Dance performance, where they enjoyed watching a variety of performances from the Chinese choirs and Indonesian dancers, which the children really enjoyed taking part in as part of the audience! After the children had explored the remaining of the Arts festival and everything it had to offer, they were ready to return back to school to discuss what they enjoyed the most from their trip amongst their peers. 

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In Literacy, Bridgegate have extended their writing skills this week by exploring the importance of Newspapers. To do so, the children have been introduced to a range of popular, local newspapers and recent international news reports such as the 'Royal Wedding' and began to rehearse an exciting newspaper article written by the Year One Team. Developing their understanding further, Bridgegate observed the key features of newspapers this week within their House Teams and identified the importance of including a headline, main body, by line, photograph, introductory paragraph and the last paragraph when composing a newspaper article. To follow, the children then observed the layout of a newspaper in more detail independently, by challenging themselves to organise their newly developed knowledge of a newspaper’s key features by memory, in order to create their own newspaper article, which they later presented to their peers using the class iPad's to consolidate their understanding. To support your child with the process of understanding the importance of including the listed features a newspaper consists of, over the weekend you may wish to encourage your child to explore a newspaper and label its features, using a bold marker pen or highlighter as this will support your child in the process of writing a newspaper article independently, in the up and coming weeks. 

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The following are additional links you can access at home to support your child’s learning: 

What are the Features of a Newspaper Report?

As part of Bridgegate’s reading and writing week, the children have thoroughly enjoyed listing to and exploring the wonderful story, ‘So Hungry’. The story was read this week by the well known story teller and author, Daniel Morden, along with his musician, Oliver. The children enjoyed participating in the story’s exciting moments through the use of actions and through calling out repetitive phrases for effect! A lovely afternoon spent enjoying music and reading once more this week, following the enjoyment the children received from last week’s visit to the Liverpool Philharmonic. 

Have a great weekend, 

The Year One Team.

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