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Venn Shapes

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This week in Bridgegate, the children have made an effort to take part in a range of cooperative learning opportunities, as a physical approach to their learning, for St Martin’s whole-school Sports Awareness Week. 

To kick-start the week, Bridgegate wrote their own, wonderful letters, addressed to their favorite performer in the circus. The children’s letters included the sender’s address, a well written opening, lots of different adjectives and the exciting use of alliteration to add description to the children’s letters! Once complete, Bridgegate were keen to continue to challenge themsleves and rehearse the personal letters they had composed. The children were inspired to independently write their own letters, addressed to their friends and family members, during their independent learning time and then shared their letters amongst their peers.

On Friday, the children enjoyed a fun filled day along with the rest of their peers during a whole-school Sports Day! We could not have chosen a better day for the many field sporting events the children took part in, as all had a great day enjoying the lovely weather. All of Bridgegate had a fantastic time at the cricket pitch and challenged themselves greatly to achieve, whilst supporting their friends in all the sporting events that were held. The Year One Team were impressed to see the level of teamwork the children displayed to one another, as a class and within the children's House Teams, as all children demonstrated an enthusiastic approach and cheered each other on, congratulating the efforts of their team members! Great work Bridgegate!

In Maths this week, Bridgegate have enjoyed revisiting the use of a venn diagram, in order to arrange a collection of different sweets and clowns from the circus, based upon their individual features. The children especially enjoyed working within their House Teams to create venn diagrams and catergorise the items they had sorted alongside their peers. The children were able to successfully identify the given sweets and clown faces into the three sections of the venn diagram by analysing their them closely which yet again, was a great opportunity for team work. In addition, Bridgegate have explored the position and movement of 2D and 3D shapes this week in Maths. To do so, this required the children to utilise their newly acquired knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, in order to then begin to physically identify how 2D and 3D shapes can be positioned differently and identified through Mathematical language. The Mathematical language the children explored this week includes a half turn, quarter turn, three quarter turn and whole turn. 

To support your child at home with the following Mathematical areas they are currently learning, please see the following links: 

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Venn Diagram Shape Sorter 

Finally, Bridgegate have thoroughly enjoyed their second familiarisation day this week to work towards the next phase in their learning and have all demonstrated through their enthusiasm and contribution, they are ready to move up and progress into Watergate. Since the children have completed their creative ‘Watergate Warrior’ tasks they were set last week, it has been wonderful to see Bridgegate work towards becoming independent in all areas of their learning, their organisational skills and their approach to overcoming challenges they have faced in sports and in class this week.

Enjoy a restful weekend in the sun, 

The Year One Team.

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