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Busy B's.

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In Maths this week, Bridgagte have successfully developed their awareness of shapes by working to visually recognise and name common 2D shapes during a range of sorting activities, which the children completed with their peers in their House Teams. Once the children were able to confidently recognise a variety of 2D shapes and had gained a secure understanding of the number of edges each 2D shape displayed, Bridgegate went onto complete a whole class 2D shape hunt! This week in class, the children have watched the following videos to further support their recognition of each shape, the number of edges they have and where they can be identified in their environment:


In addition to this excellent learning, Bridgegate have started to identify different lines of symmetry that can be found in common 2D shapes. The creative House Team activity required the children to firstly, identify and sort the 2D shapes they have learnt, dependent on their number of edges, then find as many lines of symmetry as possible through the process of trial and error! As an extension to their learning, you may wish to encourage your child to draw any 2D objects they can see in their environment at home then test their knowledge and identify how many lines of symmetry they have. This is an activity, which can also be secured by cutting along the lines of symmetry your child has found to check their findings!

A letter to the Ring Master! Following the tremendous fun Bridgegate had last week, the children had lots of interesting questions they wanted a response to on return to school this week, regarding where the performers from the circus were from and how the animals were trained. As a result, Bridgegate have begun to identify the features of letter writing and have brain stormed lots of brilliant questions they later included in their own, thoughtful House Team letter, writing to the Ring Master himself! Once complete, the children took great enjoyment from rehearsing the letters they had composed, using their beautiful clown masks for effect! 

In order to develop Bridgegate's understanding of what it means to be in the circus and work as part of a team, the children were involved in a range of challenging team activities this week, in class and during whole school World Cup Games day! Afterwards, the children explored different ‘teams’ that exist in the world such as ‘Doctors’, ‘Nurses’, ‘Gymnasts’, ‘Swimmers’, ‘Families’ and ‘Footballers’. By doing so, the children were inspired to then share their ideas as to why these groups of people work so effectively as a team together and created a list of effective characteristics a good team player displays which will guide them into Watergate next academic year.

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In Art this week, Bridgegate enjoyed using their creative abilities and have decorated their very own imaginative clowns, using a hard boiled egg and paper tubes from home! (Thank you for such a generous donation!) To do so, the children carefully followed the process of decorating their egg faces with marker pen, attaching tissue paper for hair and designing their clown's toilet tube body. If this is an activity you wish to recreate at home for your child to write or draw about, it would provide a great opportunity for the children to recall the process they used and describe their creations using adjectives! Similarly, Bridgegate enjoyed creating stunning Rangoli Art this week to introduce the children’s Math's focus, ‘Symmetrical Art’. The children created beautiful and unique whole class bunting and once Bridgegate had explored the history of Rangoli Art, along with its use during popular traditions, the children were inspired to independently choose bold colours and delicately focused on colouring in between the lines, to create detailed and authentic pattern squares. 

A massive congratulations to Bridgegate this week for all successfully competing their Phonics Screening Check! The Year One Team are extremely proud of the children’s efforts, both in school and at home over the past couple of weeks and thank you greatly for all of your support. The children should be incredibly proud and really do deserve a restful weekend after their busy and productive week! 

Have a gorgeous weekend, 

The Year One Team. 

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