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Farm Favourites!

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Following the children’s exciting visit to Claremont Farm at the beginning of this week, Bridgegate have explored the farm in more detail by investigating the different fruits, vegetables, animals and plants Farmer Andrew and his family grow on the farm, which was achieved within a research based activity the children completed within their House Teams.

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Due to the children’s fantastic experience at the farm, they were encouraged to compose performances based upon their visit. This consolidated their experience and the knowledge and understanding they acquired from Farmer Andrew, regarding how to look after farmland crops from woodland animals, how barn owls protect themselves during cold and rainy seasons and the role bees play, as our planet’s main pollinator, in spreading pollen onto flowers whilst helping strawberries grow during spring and summer.

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Furthermore, each child successfully identified the key features of a chronological report independently this week, such as the title, sub-headings, paragraphs of facts, labelled diagram and fascinating fact about Claremont Farm.

In doing so, the children were inspired to write their own chronological report about Claremont Farm and the adventure they had earlier this week. Once complete, Bridgegate confidently shared their work amongst their friends, through enthusiastic performances and confident readings.

In maths, the children furthered their understanding of money this week by applying their understanding of different coins, in order to complete a variety of money problem solving tasks. All of the children successfully chose a collection of different coins from ‘Bridgegate’s Piggy Bank’, to buy a range of fruit and vegetables from ‘Bridgegate’s Tuck Shop’, in order to explore the different ways coins can be used to total a given amount.

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This week, the children have also used their class piggy bank during their independent learning time, to further support their visual recognition of different coins and their value. The children applied their prior knowledge by matching coins to their amounts, as displayed on the fruits and vegetables within ‘Bridgegate’s Tuck Shop’ and in doing so, they composed challenging number sentences on their whiteboards, whilst enjoyed sketching the coins they had used. This may be an activity you want to replicate at home by setting up a mini tuck shop and allowing the children to explore the coins they need to use in order to buy certain items, which can be explored through composing an addition number sentence or by drawing and tracing.

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Due to the excitement from visiting Claremont Farm this week, the children have been very interested to explore how different fruits and vegetables can be used to make delicious and nutritious smoothies.

Bridgegate experimented with a range of fruit such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and bananas, along with diary products and honey to make 'Spring Smoothies'. The children were successful in following a set of instructions and identified a range of new and exciting time connectives, used within their written instructions, to know the order and the process they were expected to follow. In addition, it was fantastic to see the children reflect upon their experience at Claremont Farm when experimenting with the fruits and vegetables, as all of the children confidently recalled how to best care and grow strawberries.

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