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It's all Material.

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Bridgegate have ended their hard-working week on a high note, by celebrating their brilliant story writing.

This week, the children have completed their traditional tale of the Three Little Pigs and have all been rewarded with an ‘Authors Certificate’ as a result of their independent work and concentration throughout the story writing process. The children should be extremely proud of their achievements in literacy as each fairy tale story produced - which consisted of a beginning, middle and of course, a happy ending - was a credit to the children’s hard work this half term. The Year 1 team hope Bridgegate are proud of their certificates and writer’s pencils and remain motivated to complete equally exciting pieces of writing in the future, at home and in school. 

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In maths, the children have continued to deepen their understanding of multiplication and have applied their prior knowledge of skip counting in twos and fives this week, to tackle counting in tens!

To support the development of a secure understanding of counting in tens, Bridgegate explored the following video you may want to access at home.

To further the children’s understanding of counting by tens, the boys and girls enjoyed constructing House Team caterpillars to create number sequences. Once complete, the children were confident to apply their knowledge to a variety of abstract problem solving activities, which involved identifying groups of ten and grouping objects accordingly, in order to then record their findings. As the week progressed, Bridgegate were also motivated to apply their awareness of the times tables covered, against a 100 square within the game, ‘Splat the Number’, both independently and as a whole class activity. 

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If you wish to play this popular game at home alongside your child on an iPad or laptop, the link is as follows: 

Splat Square

In addition, the following game is a great way to consolidate your child’s learning:

Caterpillar Ordering

During Spanish this week, the children have had lots of fun creating personal, ‘Friendship Calendars'. Following their recently gained understanding of different months of the year and relationships to their family and friends, the children created calendars in Spanish. Each child was enthused to find out their friend's birthday, by asking their peers in Spanish ‘cuando es tu cumpleanos?’ From this point, the children listed their friend’s birthdays in order, for the children to then create personalized calendars. 

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Bridgegate have had the chance to develop their skill and ability to perform a colourful, traditional Chinese dance this week. The children took part in a whole-class workshop, where they were taught how to perform traditional moves and particular gestures that represent different meanings, through dance. 

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Furthermore, Bridgegate have had great fun exploring, investigating and identifying everyday materials through sorting objects, composing observational drawings and labeling this week. The children explored 'Bridgegate’s Materials Museum’, inspired by the art work from the Tate Museum in London: 

Tate Kids: Materials & Objects

In doing so, the Birdgegate were inspired to observe, describe and list the properties of many man made and natural materials, which may be an activity you wish to complete with your child at home by taking part in a ‘Materials Hunt’. 

Similarly, the following game is a fantastic way to extend your child’s understanding in preparation for next week, when Bridgegate will be experimenting to test the properties of materials:

Characteristics of Materials

Have a lovely, restful weekend, 

The Year One Team. 

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