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Porky Pigs!

BeFunky Collage 16 copy

Bridgegate have had yet another successful and creative week!

As a result of the past two weeks of exciting events and hard work, the children have been enthused to rehearse and perform the story of the Three Little Pigs through role-play in drama and dance this week. The children took great pleasure in using their own masks, which they have created for each of the characters from the Traditional Fairy Tale, and confidently carried out the story from beginning to end to encourage their fluency when storytelling, great work Bridgegate!

BeFunky Collage 16 1

As the children have shown a keen interest towards the story of the Three Little Pigs, it was no surprise the boys and girls were inspired to create their own instructional text booklets, based upon how to care and look after a Piglet. 

Each child was confident in applying their understanding of time connectives to compose a detailed set of instructions and due to their dedication and commitment to produce an excellent piece of work, it was a fantastic way to end the week by surprising Bridgegate with a special little Piglet visitor from Claremount Farm. The piglet was accompanied by a local farmer, who informed the children of the different breeds of pigs, how long pigs have been around for, what they are fed on, common habitats for pigs, the intelligence of pigs, how many piglets a sow can expect to have, along with the different names for pigs such as a sow, weaner and boar. It was great to meet Porky and welcome him into our classroom.

After the excitement Bridgegate’s visitor created, you may wish to encourage your child to write about the exciting information they have learnt and illustrate a picture of the piglet who came to visit, using the picture that is provided on the blog. 

In Maths, Bridgegate have extended their understanding of multiplication and successfully tackled the five times tables this week. They applied their knowledge of number sequences and independently used many different types of resources such as the number line, 100 square and counters to recognise common patterns that appear when counting in multiples of five. 

BeFunky Collage 14

Once more, Bridgegate have practically applied their understanding of multiples to a range of mathematical concepts in order to deepen their understanding of multiplication and to consolidate their ability to recite the fives times table. This was achieved by encouraging the children organise and group everyday objects in groups of five to help organise the classroom. Once complete and the children had grouped and counted their objects, the boys and girls found great pleasure in illustrating and numbering their findings to record the results. 

To continue to support your child’s hard work in maths, the following link is an enjoyable way to encourage reciting counting in both twos and fives. 

Skip Counting Game Show

BeFunky Collage

During Art & Design this week, the children in Bridgegate have completed their wonderful and imaginative fairy-tale front covers, which will be used to showcase their written versions of the Three Little Pigs. Miss Walker worked alongside the children to demonstrate and support the use of watercolours and fine marker pen, which was used to define the children's art work. In addition to their fantastic front covers, Bridgegate have also begun to create paper collages in the theme of the Three Little Pigs and in doing so, have mastered their cutting and sticking technique. 

BeFunky Collage 16

We hope you have a lovely weekend as always and we look forward to story writing with the children next week, 

The Year One Team. 

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