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Busy Bridgegate!

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This week in Bridgegate…

The boys and girls have been extremely busy this week in class and it is clear, the children are very excited for Christmas already! To begin the week, Bridgegate were thrilled to find ‘Edmond the Elf’, who had invaded the classroom on Sunday evening!

Edmond the Elf has been closely observing the children’s excellent behaviour, Christmas play rehearsals and impressive work, all week and the boys and girls have really impressed him! So much so, that Edmond has been rewarding gold stars to the children each day and has reported back to Santa, to make sure that all the children in Bridgegate are all on his good list!

Amongst the Christmas fun that’s been had, in Maths, Bridgegate have been working extremely hard all week and have applied their understanding of how to use Mathematical resources such as, counters, their fingers and the number line, to subtract numbers all the way to 20.

To support your child at home, you may wish to explore the following link, which provides lots of fun and interactive games that will effectively work to consolidate your child’s understanding of addition and subtraction and will also work to enhance their visual recognition of numbers 0-20.

With regards to Bridgegate’s current topic, ‘Old and New Toys’, the children have discovered the concept of ‘Past, Present and Future’. To do so, this week the boys and girls have arranged multiple photos of Miss Pourghorban and have sorted them into ‘Past, Present and Future’ categories. Once all the photos were sorted, Bridgegate did a superb job of comparing the photos and worked to identify how Miss Pourghorban had changed throughout the years within their house teams, as represented on a timeline. To finish, the children had a lot of fun in creating their own, imaginative drawings, regarding what they believed Miss Pourghorban would look like in the future and explained the reasons behind their drawings amongst their house teams once more!

Next week, the children will be creating their own, visual timelines of toys throughout the years, which will be exhibited within Bridgegate’s classroom as part of the end of term exhibition. To prepare your child for their learning next week, you may wish to discuss over the weekend the types of toys Victorian children would have played with, your favourite toy you enjoyed playing with when you were a young child and how the materials used and designs of toys have changed over the years, in comparison to your child’s favourite toy today.

In Español, the children have been discovering greetings and a range of colours, in order to extend their vocabulary. This week, the boys and girls have also been introduced to a range of Spanish music, which really enthused the boys and girls in Bridgegate to ask lots of questions, which has helped them understand more about the Spanish culture!

We look forward to the last full week in school with the children and are excited for all parents, Grandparents and friends to witness the hard work the children have put in to produce our Christmas production the following week.

Have an enjoyable and festive weekend!

The Year One Team.

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