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We're Major Glad in Bridgegate!

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To kick start this week, Bridgegate were visited by PC Bartlett, who informed the children of all the different ways they are able to keep themselves and others safe when walking to school and crossing the road, alongside their parents and friends. To do so, PC Bartlett introduced the children to the Green Cross Code and all week, Bridgegate have been taking part in lots of practical and exciting activates in order for the children to continuously apply their knowledge of how to safely cross the road and to develop their ability to become more aware and independent as pedestrians.

As part of Bridgegate’s current theme within Religious Education, the children have been exploring a range of cultures and celebrated traditions in different religions and this week, the boys and girls in Bridgegate have been introduced to Hanukkah. Whilst learning about the meaning behind the festival of light and it’s importance, the children have identified how the event is celebrated amongst Jewish people. They have researched the traditions that are carried out at Hanukkah, the games that are played, the many offerings that are given, the Torah and most importantly the food that is made!

In Maths this week, Bridgegate have been identifying more than and less than a given amount and have been using a number line to support their recognition of certain numbers up to 20. The boys and girls have had great fun in ordering concrete objects, such as a range of fruit and counting bears, in order to explore the language of more and less.

To further support your child’s understanding and Mathematical vocabulary at home, you may want to work with them to order their favourite toys in a line and count them out loud together, then identify what one more or one less would be. Similarly, you may wish to use the game the Year One Team have attached within this week’s blog, to play this in your spare time at home. All the children have received great enjoyment from the interactive game in class!

Lastly, as an extension to the brilliant work Bridgegate have been doing on adjectives in Literacy, this week the children have completed lots of exciting writing based upon the wonderful books, ‘The Naughty Bus’ and ‘Major Glad, Major Dizzy’, which are written by Jan Oke. Both books are extremely visual and are a great point for discussion and therefore, you might want to encourage your child to draw a scene from their favourite part in the story and discuss why they have chosen that particular scene, to allow your child to demonstrate all the fantastic adjectives and verbs they have collected this week.

Have a great weekend,

The Year One Team.

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