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Time for Work!

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Bridgegate have had yet another successful week back at school, after a relaxing half term.

Continuing with their new Transdiciplinary Theme ‘Where We Are In Place and Time’, the children have explored a range of exciting texts this week such as, ‘The Naughty Bus’, ‘Major Glad, Major Dizzy’ and ‘Knuffle Bunny’. The following texts have enthused all of the children to gather a range of powerful adjectives to describe story book characters, along with the old and new toys that are featured in the stories, which they have gone on to apply in their writing to create fantastic descriptions.

In Maths, the children have worked extremely hard all week and have developed their understanding of telling the time on a analogue clock! Bridgegate have identified key times within the school day which include, O’Clock, Quarter Past, Quarter To and Half Past and have also begun to identify telling the time on a digital clock. To support your child to consolidate their knowledge at home, you can use the following link to practice telling different times, which are represented using an analogue and digital clock.

Interactive Analogue and Digital Clock.


Following the excitement of Bonfire Night, Bridgegate have researched into the traditions behind the Gun Powder Plot this week and have learnt about the History of Guy Fawkes. The children enjoyed working together to physically recreate the Gun Powder plot, using the fantastic masks they created and explored all of their senses whilst watching a video from Bonfire Night to explain within their descriptive writing pieces the bright fireworks they saw, the load bangs they heard, the sweet toffee apples they tasted and the burning smoke they smelt.

Lastly, Bridgegate enjoyed their first Spanish Lesson this week! They have practiced greeting one another in Spanish, have recited numbers to ten and have even identified where in the world speaks Spanish. To enhance your child’s familiarity with numbers to ten in Spanish, you can use the following song which the children have sang along to this week, to play at home. Enjoy!

Number Song: Spanish (YouTube/Adverts)

Have a great weekend,

The Year One Team.

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