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It's been an exciting week in Bridgegate.

In Maths, the children have utilised their knowledge of the months of the year and have developed a greater understanding of the four seasons that take place each year. Every child successfully identified their favourite season this week and confidently explained why with regards to key events, such as their birthday, Christmas and Easter and the weather each season experiences. 

To support your child at home, you may wish to sing along to the following song to consolidate your child's understanding of the four seasons and their ability to visually identify Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. You may also want to encourage your child to draw and label their favourite season at home and ask them to explain the reason behind their drawing.  Additionally, we have attached a special video from BBC Bitesize, which explores all four seasons, regarding the change in nature which you can watch alongside your child to observe the adaptations within the environment throughout the year.

Four Seasons Song 

BBC Bitesize video: The Changing Seasons

Kick starting Bridgegate's new topic, 'Toys', the children received great enjoyment from bringing in their ‘new’ toy from home and sharing why they had chosen to bring in their specific toy amongst their friends. A big thank you from the Year One Team to all the parents, for remembering to bring in your child’s favourite toy on the first day back at school after the half term, as it made for a very special WOW moment which the children thoroughly enjoyed! 


Throughout the week, Bridgegate have observed and identified similarities and differences between new toys from today and old toys such as Paddington Bear, wooden doll houses, china tea pot sets and old wooden racing cars. In doing so, the children have developed an excellent understanding of the materials used to make old and new toys and have used this knowledge to design a personalised jigsaw they will go on to practically make with Miss Walker in Art and Design, which is inspired by the children's favourite old and new toys they have discovered over the past week. 

It has been lovely to see just how enthusiastic the children have been to return to school and their motivation to participate and contribute in class grows and grows each day! We are therefore, very excited by the learning and achievements that will be had this half term.

Enjoy your weekend as always,

The Year One Team.

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