St Martins Academy Chester

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Curriculum Enrichment

The most unique part of our school day, and one which makes us stand out from the crowd, is the additional 'beyond curriculum' activities with which pupils can engage five days a week. These are focused mainly around the arts and PE. They will encompass areas like a choir, school band, drama performances, rich arts-based experiences and various team sports. This enhancement of the curriculum will be carried out by all staff and will be in addition to the regular after-school clubs. During these sessions we will also be able to provide intensive intervention sessions for short periods to tackles areas of development and extend our more able pupils, ensuring that effective challenge and support are at the core of what we do.
The length of the school day – 9am to 4pm – will enable us to provide this additional exciting element to the school whilst not detracting from the main National Curriculum subjects being taught through the PYP programme.
Our curriculum is enriched with a range of peripatetic musicians, trips and visits. We expect our children to take part in at least one trip and have one visitor per term throughout their school life. The teachers plan this in conjunction with our curriculum model and in line with the school's overarching Educational Visits Policy. PE is a strength of the school and is taught by teachers or specialist coaches. All childen take part in weekly swimming lessons from Reception onwards at a local pool.

Effectively resourcing of the school and offering the children high quality equipment is vital. Creating high quality learning environments which are valued and cared for by the children is a vital aspect of the role of educators. ICT at St Martin's Academy is innovative, mobile and integrated throughout school. ICT is an important aspect of our approach to learning, creating independent, challenging activities which are used in all lessons. We offer a number of family learning projects centred on using ICT together. So many of our young children will end up in jobs that haven't been invented yet. As such, it is vital as educators, working within the confines of our budgets, that we ensure the children's ICT skills are equipped to deal with the modern and ever-changing world.
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